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What dance will my child be learning?

Your child will learn two choreographed dances and a choreographed finale (a total of three times on stage) for the showcase to share with you. These dances will be fun and entertaining, which will allow your child a positive experience on stage. We have seen much success with children as they perform for an audience each year.

Are there any extra services that come with the classes?

There will be pictures in the spring with your child's class (tentatively the last weeks in April). Time and location will be announced as springtime gets closer. There will be video and flower service available for purchasing at the showcase for your convenience.

What are the class fees?

The class fee is due by the child's first dance class of each month. There is a $15 late fee; attached to your bill if after the 7th of each month. Please contact Miss Christie for the class costs.

What holidays are classes cancelled for?

All school holidays are observed. Thanksgiving break will be November 22nd through November 24th. Winter Break is December 25th through January 5th. Spring break is March 25th to March 29th (California) and March 18th through March 22nd (Idaho). Put these dates on your calendar now so that there aren't any surprises or confusions. There isn't a pro-rating for these holidays and breaks since some months have five weeks in them.

What is the Showcase?

There is a Showcase in the Spring.  This is where the parents get to see the children perform the dances that they have learned in class for their family and friends.  Times for the showcases will be announced as time draws nearer.  The California Showcase will be held at the Benvenuti Performing Arts Center at 4600 Blackrock Dr, Sacramento.  The Idaho Showcase will be held at Centennial High School Theater in Boise, ID.

What are the fees for the Showcases?

There is a one-time $134 showcase fee that covers the cost for the showcase and the costume, which is yours to keep. Each dancer will receive two complimentary showcase tickets and additional tickets are available for $13 each. These can be purchased prior to the showcase for $13.00, or at the door for $18.00. 

What are the requirements for the Jazzerettes Showcases?

Cost for the outfits and showcase fees is $134.00.  This cost includes the outfit and payment for the showcase.  Family and friends are invited to come and see the showcases.

Location of the showcase for California is Benvenuti Performing Arts Center at 4600 Blackrock Dr, Sacramento.  The Idaho Showcase will be held at Eagle High School Theater in Eagle, ID.

Your child needs to be there 15 minutes before the showcase starts.  The Showcase lasts approximately one hour.

Girls need to have their hair in a bun with a hair piece pinned to the bun with a bobby pin.  If hair is too short, just pull up the sides and pin the hair piece.  Please come with this already done to the show.  Hip Hop dancers need to have black jazz shoes or black tennis to accompany their dance outfit.  Ballet girls need to have white tights and pink ballet slippers. Girls can wear blush and lipstick to accompany their attire, the lights are bright and it makes great looks for finishing touches.  Please do this beforehand.

Boys need to have black or white tennis shoes to accompany their outfit

Please come fully dressed and ready to dance the day of the showcase.  Make sure that your child goes to the bathroom before they enter the dressing rooms. 

We can only allow one parent from each school class to stay with the children in the dressing rooms, along with a designated chaperone.  Please call if you want to do this.

There will be a video service and flower service there that day for your convenience.

How do I cancel my child's enrollment in the program?

We require a two week cancellation notice. Please email and inform us you would like to cancel your child's enrollment. Please include your child's name and which school your child attends. 

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